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About Shay McClendon

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Shay McClendon is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as a certified Nutrition Coach and Weight Loss Specialist focusing on Women’s Fitness. She is also attending classes to become a certified yoga instructor.

Some Story Behind Me

Short story about me

Shay has been teaching fitness classes since she was 17 years old. Her love for movement started when she was at Remus Robinson Middle School in Detroit, Michigan. There, she cultivated her love for dance and the performing arts. Today she uses her background in dance to teach her clients the important of flexibility and stabilization training.

Dance has held a special place in Shay’s heart from the moment she heard the beats of the African drums in her African dance class.  From African dance she was then introduced to Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Contemporary.

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Physical Activity

Physical activity is any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure. Physical activity refers to all movement including during leisure time, for transport to get to and from places, or as part of a person’s work. Both moderate- and vigorous-intensity physical activity improve health.

Balance Body & Mind

Homeostasis means keeping or maintaining a stable state. Keeping the body balanced in this way can reduce illness and disease while promoting optimal health and wellbeing.

Exercise Program

Program detailing a range of physical exercises and the amount of time each exercise should be performed that is typically tailored to individuals' needs.
Please get clearance from your health care professional before starting any new exercise program.

I’m delighted to share with you the techniques.

We want you to be happy and healthy!

I'm not happy until you're happy.

I have the audacity to believe I can help people change the way they think, speak and feel about themselves.
Shay McClendon
Founder, CEO Shaped With Shay, LLC
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